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Rising healthcare costs are not unique to any one organization – they are a daily concern and a persistent problem that must be addressed by all payors alike. The challenge for each payor is identifying where both the highest and routine costs originate and applying the most effective solution. Through early identification and engagement of cost and management strategies the alarming concerns in program affordability can be greatly alleviated.

With Axia Strategies’ wealth of knowledge, we keep our clients current with product and marketplace developments that could affect your organization. We ask complex questions to make sure you are getting the most out of each specialty solution and strategy you select as well as from new solutions we may identify. Each is backed by industry-leading analytics so you can understand the cost, return and value.

Catastrophic Care Solutions

For most organizations, the number of high-dollar, catastrophic events continues to increase as medical technology advances. Solutions that promote excellent care to members and cost containment for the client have the potential to turn many high-dollar cases into manageable events. These areas of Axia’s focus include:

Transplant network
Specialty claims review & audit
Specialty contract negotiations
Renal dialysis
Oncology risk management
International medical travel

Medical Management & Specialized Solutions

Understanding the full healthcare picture is critical in effectively providing well-coordinated approaches to managed care’s current and future spend. Our clients must be able to offer better benefits and differentiate themselves from their competition. As a result, Axia searches and assesses the market to identify solutions that are proven to be the most effective in containing cost trend, adding value to the members’ care needs. Common areas of Axia’s focus include:

Medical management services
Data analytics & trend management
Network strategies
Lab services
High-end imaging
Genetic testing
Disease management
Durable medical equipment (DME)

Strategic Vendor Partnerships Evaluation

As employers and carriers turn to high deductible program designs, the interest in ancillary benefits has never been more apparent. These benefits are becoming unaffordable to maintain in a core health benefit offering. Additional target audiences of interest that exist are part-time (non-benefit eligible) and senior markets because they seek affordable ancillary benefits that can greatly reduce their out-of-pocket healthcare expenditure across common and costly areas of need.

As a result, it is imperative to have an experienced partner in place that is knowledgeable of the ancillary market and the many state laws that pertain to this space. Axia routinely evaluates the marketplace in search of best-in-market vendor partners and in particular, ones that specialize in ancillary benefit offerings. You can rest assured that through our vendor evaluation process, assurance of the best design, partner, and regulatory needs are cornerstones of Axia’s deliverable. Common areas in the evaluation of strategic vendor partnerships include:

Ancillary benefits
Health & wellness
Telemedicine and care concierge
Supplemental insurance products


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